All software / code on my website is available under the Mozilla Public License (unless stated otherwise on the code repository or elsewhere). Feel free to adapt or use the code directly for your own purposes.

Resources included in repositories for displaying results are free for personal use but can’t be used directly in a project adapted from the code. If the resources are taken from another source, this will be stated and they fall under the licensing of that source. This includes but is not limited to: Audio files, sprites, tile-sets, sketches, GIMP files, etc.

All writing and media (images, videos, animations, music) on this website and on my Github are my intellectual property. If you use the code to generate the results yourself, they are yours.

I do not consent to unauthorized use of my writing or media, particularly in cases where you profit off of the direct use of my writing or media.

If you wish to share my writing or media for educational purposes on a different platform than this website, please ask permission first and reference me as author.

Directly linking to or showing the original resource (this website) is fine in any circumstance.

When in doubt, please contact me first.

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